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Classification and maintenance of hanging weigh scales.


Classification and maintenance of hanging weigh scales.

Type of hanging scale

1.From the structural characteristics can be divided into dial hanging scale and electronic hanging scale.

2.From the working form can be divided into hook head suspension type, driving type, shaft seat type, embedded four kinds.

(Monorail electronic hanging scale is mainly used in slaughtering meat joints, meat wholesale, storage supermarkets, rubber manufacturing, paper and other industries to weigh the items on the hanging track. Hook head scale is mainly used in metallurgy, steel mills, railway, logistics and other highly restricted occasions of large tonnage cargo weighing, such as containers, ladle, molten iron, coil and so on. The weight limiter is mainly used for overload protection in the crane working process of metallurgy, logistics, railway, port, industrial and mining enterprises.
(Hook head hanging hook scale affects the height of the crane lifting goods; The crane needs to be reformed and repaired, which will affect the crane operation. The embedded hook scale is installed in a certain part of the crane weighing link, does not affect the lifting height, does not affect the crane operation, is a direction of industry development.)

3.From the reading form can be divided into the scale body directly explicit (that is, sensor and scale body integration), wired operation box display (crane operation control), large screen display and wireless transmission instrument display (can and microcomputer networking) four kinds.
(Direct explicit electronic crane scale is widely used in logistics warehouse, factory workshop, market and other fields of material import and export statistics, warehouse stock control, finished product weight weighing. Wireless digital transmission type electronic steel structure crane scale is widely used in railway terminals, iron and steel metallurgy, energy mines, factories and mining enterprises and other harsh industrial and mining occasions of cargo loading and unloading weighing.

4.From the sensor form can be divided into resistance strain type, piezomagnetic type, piezoelectric type and capacitance type four.

5.From the use of environment is divided into normal temperature type, high temperature type, low temperature type, anti-magnetic insulation type and explosion-proof type. (Anti-magnetic and anti-heat crane weighing accurate, rich functions, simple operation, diverse configuration, anti-magnetic and anti-heat performance is excellent, is widely used in steel rolling, smelting, aluminum ladle, steel ladle, electrolytic aluminum, electrolytic copper, electromagnetic suction cup crane, electric furnace iron making and other high temperature strong magnetic, dust environment for weighing. Explosion-proof electronic crane scale can be used in dangerous gas or dust occasions, such as paint, paint, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, military and other industries.

6.From the perspective of data stabilization, it can be divided into static type, quasi-dynamic type and dynamic type.

Crane scale maintenance

1. It is strictly prohibited to overload, and the weight of the weighed item shall not exceed the maximum measuring range of the lifting scale.

2. There shall be no stuck phenomenon between shackle (ring), hook and shaft pin of the hanging object of the hook scale, that is, the vertical contact surface should be in the center position, not in the two side contact and stuck, there should be sufficient degree of freedom.

3. When running in the air, the lower end of the hanging object shall not be lower than the height of a person, and the operator shall keep a distance of more than 1 meter from the hanging object. It is strictly prohibited to stand under the electronic hook scale in order to avoid accidents.

4. It is strictly prohibited to lift objects with the sling group.

5. when not working, lifting scale, rigging, hoisting fixture is not allowed to hang heavy objects, should be unloaded. To avoid permanent deformation of parts.

6. It is strictly prohibited to impact and destroy the hanging scale with screen display.

7. the hook scale to carry out regular inspection, maintenance, keep the hook scale clean, pay attention to sunscreen moisture-proof and dust.

8. non-high temperature, explosion-proof or anti-magnetic lifting scale shall not be used for high temperature or explosive or strong magnetic field occasions.

9. When the balance shows underpower, it should be charged in time; If not used for a long time, it should be placed in a cool, dry and ventilated place and charged regularly.

10. Use the lifting scale as little as possible in severe environment such as blizzard or thunderstorm.

11. Carry out regular calibration, maintenance and maintenance of the hanging scale according to the use condition.