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What is animal husbandry veterinary major?


The cultivation of the major comprehensive development in moral, intellectual, physical, the United States has a good professional ethics and the humanities accomplishment, grasp the animal nutrition and feed, environmental hygiene, animal genetic breeding livestock and poultry, livestock and poultry breeding management and basic knowledge of disease diagnosis and treatment, with livestock and poultry breeding, seed selection, breeding management, diet and livestock and poultry major diseases prevention and treatment ability, High QUALITY TECHNICAL AND SKILLED PERSONNEL ENGAGED IN THE work of ration coordination, feed processing, environmental regulation, breeding improvement, feeding management, disease prevention and control.

Course Content:
Basic courses: Basic veterinary medicine, Basic ANIMAL anatomy, Basic ANIMAL physiology, Basic animal nutrition, basic animal genetics, Basic animal reproduction, basic knowledge of agricultural chemistry, livestock environmental health and facilities, rural economic management, etc.

Specialized courses: Prevention and treatment of common animal diseases, animal quarantine technology, feeding and feed, pig raising technology, cattle raising technology, sheep raising technology, poultry raising technology, special animal raising, animal product processing technology, pet raising, etc.